Easily foster the natural growth of your new trees.

What is Kradl?

Kradl is the first simple-to-install tree support that helps your trees grow as naturally as possible and without possibly ever having to touch your tree. With Kradl’s three telescoping legs and support ring, you’re able to safely aid in the proper growth of your trees and enhance your landscape.

What’s even better? Kradl can be quickly and easily installed by just one person and comes with everything you’ll need for proper installation; all you’ll need is your hammer.

Kradl Your Tree To Help It Grow

Take a look at what makes Kradl the state-of-the-art way to support the growth of your new trees.

When It Comes To Your Trees, Safety Comes First

We’re here to help you safely, efficiently and easily support the growth of your trees. Kradl, much like a child’s cradle, is designed to provide the best environment possible as your newly planted tree grows. By not directly attaching to the tree, Kradl’s smooth, plastic interior provides a safer environment for the growth of your trees by preventing the scarring of the trunk as well as the danger posed by unwanted moisture buildup that results in harmful mold and mildew. A tree is only as strong as its trunk and roots, so safely strengthen its base by encouraging root development and guiding its growth into a mature and beautiful tree.

Foster The Growth Of Your Trees Without Harming Them

Proper growth begins with the proper first steps. Support your trees by fostering their growth and allowing them to become the beautiful trees they’re meant to be. Kradl is built to allow the free, natural growth pattern of your trees without touching their trunks. That’s right, unlike many competitors, Kradl does not fasten to your tree and thus prevents scarring its natural beauty. If at any point you notice the growth of your tree going off course, a simple adjustment of Kradl’s structure will help readjust your tree without harming its beautiful features. Keep your trees in line with Kradl.

Easy To Assemble, Easy To Use

The beauty of Kradl is that not only is it easy to assemble in substantially less time and with less people than traditional methods, but it also comes with all the tools you’ll need for installation, and through its snap-and-press assembly, you can do it on your own! With its tool-free design, you’re able to quickly assemble, construct and adjust Kradl, as your tree grows! All it takes is hammering the included stakes to the ground and you’re set. If you find that you need to correct the tree a little more to the east, you can easily remove the three stakes on your own and reposition Kradl, or even extend or collapse the telescoping legs to reposition the growth pattern of the tree.

Gain Stability With The Support Ring

Support starts in the center. Kradl’s support ring is made of hard, durable, smooth plastic that is comprised of two halves to allow easy opening and closing around a tree. Providing stability and a firm fit, the support ring snaps together without the use of tools. Due to the fact that the support ring does not have to touch the tree, you’re still able to aid in the proper growth of your tree, cultivate your desired landscape and protect the natural integrity of your new sapling without the risk of impeding its growth.  

Giving Your Trees A Leg To Stand On

Just like the support ring, the telescoping legs are sturdy fixtures that help stabilize and aid in the growth of your tree. Not only do the legs have adapters that attach to the ring without tools, but the tripod-style legs allow the support ring to be set to your desired height and used on an inclined slope. So, no matter the depth of your landscape, Kradl is able to support trees growing in any direction.

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